I can’t believe it’s finally here!

It’s been over eight months in development, burning the midnight oil.

It’s built on brand new technology.

We’ve completely overhauled, updated and improved ALL of our training.

And it’s finally ready for YOU and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Before you dive in and start exploring there are a few things I want you to be aware of…

First Thing: Please be patient!

As I may have mentioned already, EVERYTHING here is new and even though we’ve done our best to test, proofread, and click on everything, we’re only human! We may have missed something.

With a new site this big I know that there will be some bugs to work out or some spelling mistakes we may have missed and that’s where I’m asking you for a little patience and support.

So if you click on a link and it doesn’t do what you expected it to do or you find a bug or spelling mistake somewhere, just sent us a support ticket explaining what page you saw it on or what you were doing when the error occurred and we’ll do our best to track and fix it.

Second Thing: More is coming!

For our longtime members who are coming from our old Entrepreneur Lab training platform, you will see that many of the courses are currently marked “Coming Soon”. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have access, it means that we’re still putting the finishing touches on them.

I expect the rest of the courses listed in the Training Centre to be completed and launched throughout November. Each time we release a new course I will post an update on the dashboard.

And remember, if you are migrating over from Entrepreneur Lab, you still have access to that site as well.

Third Thing: Community!

One of the biggest new features we added to this new website is the forum.

I honestly didn’t want to have a forum but after enough of our members asked for it, I listened 🙂

But here’s the deal: A forum is only useful if our members use it!

I want to create a fantastic community for our Ignited Academy members but I can’t do that without your help. So let’s work together to turn this forum into an incredible resource where we are all working together to help one and other build and grow our online empires!

Again, I sincerely hope you love the Ignited Academy as much as we do and thanks for being part of the amazing Ignited community!

– Derek Gehl – Chief Igniter

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  1. Thanks for all the efforts to Derek and his entire team for making this possible!

    I am loving this site and the design!

  2. Im a newbie & shall visit the forum ASAP. The forum is definitely a useful tool for members’ to exchange their views (pros/cons) where newbies could follow trough at a later stage thus expedite their learning curve.

    Thanks for setting up the forum connection for us.

    Mei Tan

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