Hi Igniters …

I’m pleased to share that the server cleanup is finally complete and all members sites have been restored, including access to email.

If you haven’t received your new passwords yet, Cindy is still in the process of emailing them out. Anyone with an open support ticket regarding access has now been responded to. We still need to receive a response with your IP address so that we can whitelist you with our server. It’s something we hope to eliminate in the near future but necessary for the time being.

For anyone waiting for me, Dennis, or Derek to respond to your support tickets, we are working hard to catch that up. You should receive a response to your ticket by end of day Monday.

Kudos to Cindy & Dennis who put in extraordinary effort to help our members restore their websites. Derek and I helped as much as we could, but these 2 team members were amazing.

Thank you for your patience through this difficult time.

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