Hey Igniters,

Just in case you missed my post in the Facebook Group, I thought I should post here as well to let you know that ProjectIgnite.com is now live and has officially replaced EntrepreneurIgnited.com.

We’re still wrapping up a lot of loose ends but we’re almost there… what a MASSIVE job that was.

If you want to check out the new site and look go to…


If you’ve been on any of the webinars over the past month you’ve probably heard me explain why we had to make the change but if you missed those, I wrote a blog post explaining it all here…

EntrepreneurIgnited.com is now ProjectIgnite.com! Why the sudden change?

How does it affect you? Well, it really doesn’t 🙂

Our goal and missions is still 100% focused on giving you the training, tools and support to help you build your digital business! Pretty simple.

If you do have a chance to visit the new site I’d love to hear what you think! Just leave a comment below.

To your success…


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