Hello Igniters,

Not long ago, (I believe 2 moths ago) we introduce Thrive Content Builder to replace Beaver Builder as our current content builder for our websites. Along with the introduction of the new content builder is a video tutorial to help you get started quickly, but it was just a month old when the plugin developer released a major update making the current version look really old.

In an effort to resolve the video tutorials, we released a new set of videos (more tailored and more in depth) to help you get along with the changes. I know it took quite sometime before we did the new videos, main reason was we are letting the new version settled in and make sure it stays that way.

Here are the list of new videos, please make sure to watch those as it will help you streamline the way you use the plugin and make sure you get the best of it.

I hope those videos will help you get a better understanding on how the plugin works.

As always, if you got any questions and violent reactions, you know where to find me.



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