Hey Igniters!

During last week’s webinar, Derek and I did a special training on how we approach finding a niche. We took several niche suggestions from members and did a live demonstration and explanation as we searched IdeaBot for validation.  If you are still looking for a niche, I highly recommend watching the recording of this training …

Watch the recording here …

I also announced a special one-time only Niche Validation Workshop that I will be leading on Saturday, August 7 where I will be working with a small group of our members to find, validate, and finalize their niche market. By the end of the workshop you are GUARANTEED to have a valid niche that is ready to start building!

While it is not free, we did work to make it as low cost as possible and is just a fraction of what it costs for the 1-on-1 coaching program.

You can get full details here …

Niche Validation Workshop – August 7

Here’s to you finding a great niche, quickly!



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