Great news fellow Igniters…

Social Media Ignited is now live and waiting for you on your training dashboard.

In this comprehensive course you’ll learn how to use Facebook (Groups & Pages), Twitter and LinkedIn to grow audiences and drive FREE leads to your business.

With billions of people using these platforms every single day, just about every single business should be using at least one of these platforms to reach out and connect with their market online.

Now I should warn you…

When you jump into Social Media Ignited you may be tempted to skip “Module 1 – Introduction To Social Media Marketing” and jump right to the Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn training.

If you have this temptation please ignore it!

Module 1 will teach you the foundation skills you need to succeed on ANY social network.

So please DO NOT jump ahead.

Also, let me get this out of the way now…

I know people are going ask “But Derek, what about Instagram? What about Snapchat? What about [INSERT SOCIAL NETWORK HERE]?

Look, when you’re getting started you need to focus on the social networks that have stood the test of time, offer tools for small businesses and offer you the highest likelihood of success. Today that is Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and that’s where I’ve focused my training and where I want you to focus your efforts.

In the future I’ll probably add more training on Pinterest and Instagram but honestly those are the only two that are even on my radar right now. The rest are either too niche or still don’t really give small businesses the tools they need to effectively market themselves. Heck, even Instagram and Pinterest are in their infancy from a marketing standpoint.

So in the future will we expand this training? Yes.

But one of the things you’ll learn in this training is being on the cutting edge isn’t always the best idea and I’ll explain why in Module 1.

So now, if you’re ready to start building your audience on social media, go to the Training Dashboard, click on the Social Media Ignited course and get started!

See you there…

– Derek Gehl

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