Hey Igniters,

If your inbox was flooded with emails about forum topics and replies that had nothing to do with you let me be the first to say I’m so sorry.

We were trying to configure the forum email notifications and I accidentally checked off a setting that told our forum to send every member of Ignited Academy an email every single time there was an update to ANYTHING on our forum.

My bad. 🙁

Fortunately Dennis came to my rescue and sorted it all out!

In the future you should only received forum email notifications when:

  1. You create a new topic and people reply
  2. You subscribe to a topic you want to follow using the “Subscribe” link at the top of each topic
  3. Or you check the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” when replying to someone else’s topic

We are also working on some additional features to make the forum notifications even more useful so stay tuned and I’ll update you when they’re ready.

And for now, I promise I won’t mess with the forum settings without Dennis’s permission in the future!

(That’s a complete lie… I won’t be able to help myself. Fortunately Dennis is good a fixing the stuff I break 🙂

Thanks for your patience…

– Derek

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  1. I commend you, guys, for being quick to fix this. I was like, “I might have made a mistake and created several topics accidentally.” Lols! Thanks guys!

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