Great news Igniters…

I’ve just put the finishing touches on our brand new Email Marketing Ignited course!

In this course I go deep into how to design, write and execute successful email campaigns.

These days, email technology is easy. Incredible tools like GetResponse take care of all the techie stuff for us.

But the best technology isn’t going to make you a red cent if you don’t have the marketing know-how to craft compelling and persuasive emails and campaigns

And that’s exactly what Email Marketing Ignited is all about!

So when you’re ready to tackle email marketing this is where you need to be.

As you’re working through Rapid Ignition or Sales Funnels Ignited, make sure to stop by Email Marketing Ignited when it’s time to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) so you have the skills you need to craft the most effective email campaigns for your business.

And as always, if you ever have any email questions or want someone to critique an email or subject line, just post it in the Email Marketing Ignited Forum and we’ll be there with our opinion 🙂

Happy Emailing!

– Derek Gehl

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    1. Go ahead and submit a question through the support centre or post on the forum and we will get you un-lost 🙂

      Also leaving questions in the comments section is not the best place. Make sure you’ve watched the training/lesson on how to use our Support in Module 1 of Foundations For Success.

  1. Dear Kwai Fong Shum, Like you, I was totally lost. So you are not the only one. I had no idea what was required as the terms were so unfamiliar. This is just the beginning of the LOST phase. Just get support from the Support Centre. Now I have a website after many months of struggling! Best of luck.

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