I’m excited to welcome long time member Kat Jarman to the Ignited Academy team as our brand new “Ignited Academy Community Manager”.

Kat’s been a member of the Ignited Academy (formerly Entrepreneur Lab) for 4+ years and over that time I’ve watched her grow as a digital entrepreneur, starting at zero and successfully building her own online business at CrafterCoach.com, where she educates her members on how to grow their Etsy stores.

Among her many talents as a digital entrepreneur (social media, FB advertising, sales funnels, Etsy, etc), she’s also a Pinterest ninja, generating thousands of free clicks from Pinterest every single month.

As our Community Manager, Kat will be working closely with our team to further support and engage the Ignited Academy community through our Facebook Group and the IA Forum along with a few other new resources and tools we’re cooking up together.

She is also working on a brand-spanking-new Pinterest course which will be part of the Ignited Academy curriculum and is tentatively scheduled to launch this September.

If you want to get to know Kat a little better click here to read the “About Kat” write-up we’ve just posted on our “Meet The Team” page here…

Now let’s all give Kat a big, warm Ignited Academy welcome!!

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