Woooooohooooo… it’s finally here!

After 100+ hours locked away in my office I’m excited to announce the release of the brand-spanking-new Sales Funnels Ignited course.

This is the most comprehensive training I’ve ever developed on creating and designing sales funnels and compelling offers.

I held nothing back!

If you’ve already gone through the copywriting training in Entrepreneur Lab I still want you to go through Sales Funnels Ignited.

Not only is it PACKED with new, advanced training on sales funnel creation and copywriting, it also contains tons of new tools and resources that I’ve spent countless hours creating and perfecting to make your life easier and your offers more successful.

I am talking about swipe files with literally hundreds upon hundreds of professional headlines, guarantees, ad copy, power phrases, etc. that you can download and use whenever you need to write an offer.

I am talking about step-by-step sales letter creation templates for long sales letters, short sales letter and video sales letters.

Blood, sweat and tears would be an understatement.

Once I got started I couldn’t stop… and now it’s yours.

Now I know people don’t get as excited about sales funnels and copywriting as they do about the sexy stuff like SEO, Facebook marketing or WordPress stuff, but let me put it to you bluntly…

None of that other ‘sexy stuff’ matters if you don’t have a kick-ass offer, sales funnel and ad copy!

So embrace this new training. Devour it, study and it put it into practice.

Will your sales letter be perfect the first time? No.

But with practice you will refine and hone your talents… and once you do the profits will follow.

When you understand the psychology of selling and how to use the power of “language” to persuade and influence you will have an unfair advantage over 98% of the people trying to compete on the Internet today.

Now go to the Training Dashboard and check out Sales Funnels Ignited.

It is pretty friggin’ amazing if I do so say myself 😉

– Derek Gehl

P.S. Want a critique on your sales letter, headline, opt-in offer, or any ad copy? Post it in the forum and we’ll tell you what we think!

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  1. thanks Derek! I would really urgently need to get some support on the sales channels in Chinese environment, as my business will be mostly Chinese in China. So Google will not help… Please help!! many thanks Na

    1. Na Wu, Go ahead and post and specific questions about the China market in the General Discussions forum and I will be happy to help!

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