Rapid Website Set Up

Welcome To Your New Website

Now that you’ve received your new website I want to regroup and make sure we are all on the same page before moving on to the next steps!

Note though, this module is being updated. This video is an overview using our ‘old theme and plugin’. To see updated lessons on working and developing your website using our latest themes, plugins and Thrive Architect, please move on to Websites Ignited section.

If you haven’t yet received your website please move on to the following modules here, to get your funnel (lead magnet) and opt-in content or blog content prepared, so you can put all this onto your website later.

Learning Time: 11:15


  • Make sure you've updated your passwords for your WordPress website, cPanel, and domain registrar account as per our instructions in the new website instruction document you received.
  • Make sure you've├é┬ácompleted all the steps and reviewed all of the lessons referenced in the new website document you received.
  • Note, the page/content builder shown in this video is Beaver Builder. If you are using Beaver Builder, for more how-to, go to Websites Ignited, module 4.14 . Alternatively, if you are using the Thrive Architect content builder, for more how-to, go to Websites Ignited, modules 4.20 to 4.23
  • Move the temporary blog posts to the trash bin.
  • Feel free to move the opt-in in the first fold of the homepage if you do not want it there.
  • If you've never used WordPress, visit the Websites Ignited course and complete the lessons in Module 4: WordPress 101 to familiarize yourself with the WordPress platform.
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