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Each time you log in to the Ignited Academy you will be automatically directed to the Dashboard. On the Dashboard page you will find:

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From the Dashboard you can quickly navigate to all areas of the program including:


The training center allows you to access all of the step-by-step business building training that has been broken into individual courses that are then organized into individual modules and lessons. This is really the heart of this training platform.


The forum is fantastic place to post questions to get answers from the team at Ignited Academy as well other members.


The account information allows you to update your password at any time. So if you would like to change your password to something easier for you to remember, go for it!


The first time you log in to the Ignited Academy please feel free to explore and get familiar with all of the different areas.

Once you are done exploring and are ready to get started please go to “Training” and then click on the course called “Foundations For Success” and go to “Module 1 – Introduction & Overview”.

This module contains tons of valuable training including detailed instructions on how to use this program, the website and the support along with lots of other valuable training to start you off on the right foot.

So please watch ALL lessons in this module!


Now you have all of the information you need to get started using the Idea Igniter Program to find great ideas for your online business!

Once you have found a great idea that you want to build into a business, I would strongly recommend upgrading to Ignited Academy Platinum which will give you to all of the training in the Ignited Academy in addition to 365 days access to our highest level of support!  For more information about this program, please contact us at

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