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This live 2-day weekend intensive will walk you through a simple step-by-step system that's helped thousands of entrepreneurs design their first digital business. No business idea or experience is needed!

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From: Derek Gehl
To: All Disenchanted Employees

Are you “fed up” with slaving your life away at a job you HATE?

Would you like to start making money online doing something you LOVE?

And then eventually…

Make enough money so you can provide abundantly for your family, quit your day job and be your own boss.

Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Well, picture this:

Picture yourself as the boss of your own thriving digital business. A business practically running on “auto-pilot” providing you with the freedom and flexibility that NO 9-to-5 or corporate gig could ever give you.

Picture yourself waking up everyday because you want to… because you’re excited about working on your business and not because you’re forced to go to a miserable job that doesn’t respect you or pay you what you’re worth.

If this is something you truly desire…

Let me ask you 1 important question that could change your life forever…

And be honest when you answer, please…

The question is this:

How many people do you think have the same dream of making money online by owning a digital business?

It’s not a trick question.

And the answer is very obvious.

As you know, you’re not the only one who wants to start an online business.

In fact…

In the U.S. alone, the masses of new businesses starting year-after-year is mind-boggling.

Well, guess what?

Here’s the hard truth…

And I’m not going to “sugar-coat” the facts.

Even if they scare a whole bunch of people away from joining the challenge.

Because the statistics don’t lie.

It’s been proven that 90% of new businesses will FAIL.

You heard that correctly.

Nine-out-of-ten new businesses fail.

And that’s why I created this 2-day weekend challenge

I created this challenge because quite frankly, I was pissed-off!

There’s so much fluff, hype and rotten B.S. online it’s sickening.

Every day new scammy “get rich quick” guru’s pop-up like ugly weeds.

YouTube is flooded with “clickbait” videos featuring peach-fuzz-lipped 17-year-olds claiming to be “crypto-billionaires”.

What a joke.

I hope you don’t get carried away with that crap. 

So what can you do?

What if you have a burning desire to start your own digital business… but have no clue where to begin?

As you know, you probably won’t find the answers in another Ebook.

In fact, most books written today are just long sales pitches trying to get you to buy something more.

And you won’t find the “secrets” of starting a successful online business on GOOGLE… or REDDIT… or YOUTUBE, either.


Because if the real answers were there everybody would be self-made millionaires running successful digital businesses.

So again, what can you do?

Listen: I’ve trained thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world for almost two decades. And during that time I created, crafted and perfected a system for whipping-up highly successful online businesses.

Here, take a look at just a few of my students results: 

“I was a totally a novice in the Internet marketing business. Now I can put up my own webpage, drive traffic, my own advertising and marketing and my sales have really skyrocket.

Derek’s course is nothing short of excellent and it has been a very fantastic journey.”

Taposie Chaudhury

Kuala Lumpur

“When I first started I had my own website but I did not how to make it rank well in search engine. Now nearly half of the business for one division of my company through my website.

If someone asks me if I recommend Derek’s program, my answer is a definite YES!”

Jenny Simons


"First year we turned over just over $100,000 and at the start of this financial year we had increased sales by 1500%"

Neil Willis


Would you like to know what their secret was?

Would you like to know what ALL my successful students have in common?

Well, here it is (it’s quite simple, yet alarmingly powerful), you see…

The “key” is creating a crystal-clear blueprint for your business

When you have a clear blueprint for your digital business your whole world changes.

You finally realize your true potential and what you’re really capable of.

That’s because the blueprint gives you clarity, guidance and direction on starting your dream business.

But without a blueprint, “newbie” entrepreneurs wander aimlessly, not knowing what type of business they should start, or where to begin!

And that’s why most new entrepreneurs waste so much time and money on ideas that fail that they eventually burnout and give-up on their dreams.

That’s why I created this 2-day challenge to meet 3 critical criteria: 


It Works

I’m going to walk you through my simple system for designing YOUR unique digital business blueprint (the same process my students use to design blueprints they use as their personal launching pads into the stratosphere of successful entrepreneurship.)

It’s proven.

It works.

You just have to follow the steps. 

Do you have a Facebook account?

Do you have an email address?


You have EVERYTHING you need to kick-ass during this challenge.

My process for creating a digital business blueprint is so simple anyone can do it.

You don’t need any special “tech” skills to join. 


It’s Super Simple


It Gives You Rapid Results

I also created this challenge so you could see results FAST.

It doesn’t take years… or months… or even weeks to create YOUR digital blueprint.

I’ll show you how to do it in just 2 days.

Now, before showing you how the challenge works, let me be crystal-clear about WHO this challenge is for…

Who this challenge is for

You don’t need a business idea to join the challenge.

In fact, all you need is the desire to make money online and I’ll show you dozens of options.

Best of all:

I’ll show you exactly which business best fits your situation.

Now, let me ask you…

Does this sound like you? 

  • You want to start a digital business
  • You want to make money online
  • You want to be your own boss
  • You want to quit your day job

If you said “YES!” then this challenge is for you.

Just take a look at why previous challengers joined:

“I joined the Digital Business Blueprint Challenge because I want to start my own online business.

“I joined the Digital Business Blueprint with Derek Gehl because I’m looking for ideas to start an online business.”

“I joined Derek’s Challenge to find a niche market I can focus on.”

“I joined Derek’s Challenge because I wanted a clear picture on starting an online business especially during these tricky times of COVID-19.”

“I joined the Digital Business Blueprint Challenge because I want to start an online business so that I can earn some income to pay bills.

“I joined the Digital Business Blueprint Challenge because I want to learn how to start an online business to achieve financial freedom to have more time for myself and family.

We’ve had single motherscollege studentsfull-time employees and even retired folks ALL successfully complete the challenge.

Now, before joining, take a look at what type of digital businesses you’ll learn about starting..

What type of digital business do you want to start?

If you already have a business idea but don’t know where to start… or…

You don’t have an idea but you’re exploring your options, then this challenge will be perfect for you.

You’ll learn about dozens of different options that you might be interested in. Plus…

You might even discover something new that completely blows you away.

Inside the challenge we’ll discuss:

Affiliate Marketing

Ecommerce Businesses

Information Businesses

Online Services

And so much more!

But perhaps the best news of all is this:

I’ll show you how to create a blueprint for a business you’re completely thrilled about, whether you want to work on it part-time or full-time.

This is your chance to get crystal-clear on what YOU want.

This could be your one-way ticket out of the daily 9-to-5 grind by placing you on the fast-track speeding straight towards a brand-new life where you’re in control.


Before revealing all the “juicy” details of the challenge, please let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Derek Gehl

You’re going to hear more about me and my story during the challenge…

But for now…

Here’s all you need to know:

I’m a serial entrepreneur. (Which simply means I run multiple online businesses, at the same time.) .

I work from home.

I set my own hours.

And I have absolutely nobody telling me what to do.

In fact, while the world was flipping upside-down in 2020 at the peak of pandemic hysteria… my online businesses made over $18,650,000 in sales.

And in 2021…

My digital businesses made over $25,450,000 in sales… and millions of dollars in profit!

Now, I don’t say all this to brag.

It took a lot of hard work, determination and countless embarrassing failures to get where I am today.

And you know what?

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And that’s why I designed The Digital Business Blueprint Challenge.

To help you avoid the devastating mistakes and humiliating blunders that I made when I was a “rookie” entrepreneur

While showing you a proven path that’s been perfected to help you get clear on how you’re going to make money online.


I made this challenge as simple and “done-for-you” as possible because I want you to walk away with a blueprint you’re PROUD and EXCITED about.

This challenge is all about helping YOU get crystal clear on HOW to transform your dreams entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

That’s why I broke this challenge down into easy-to-do “baby” steps. So that ANYONE can do it.

Seriously, if you know how to surf the Internet and shop online, I can show you how to create a digital business blueprint you can use to launch a new business in record-time.

Without wasting your money on things you don’t need.

Without wasting your time on ideas that won’t pan-out.

Without banging your head against the wall trying to figure this stuff out all by yourself.

And in just 2 short days, this challenge will help you: 

Nail down exactly what type of digital business you should start…

That’s “tailor-made” to fit your unique situation…

No matter your budget, background or “tech’ skills…

And no matter if your dream of building a mega-successful business empire…

Or… you simply want to make some extra money on the side to help pay the bills and make life a little easier…

This challenge is all about putting YOU in the “driver seat” of your destiny.

It’s all about “sticking it to the man” by deciding to take your own path.

A path that’s right for you.

A path that feels good.

A path that has you jumping out of bed in the morning because you’re so excited to work on your dream business.

And that’s my promise to you…

If you’re serious about achieving more control and freedom in your life, this challenge will catapult you towards fulfilling your dreams faster than you ever could imagine.

In fact…

In just 48-hours you’ll be light-years ahead of most “rookie” entrepreneurs

There are so many “newbie” entrepreneurs who want to jump right to the “good” stuff… without ever putting together a concrete plan for achieving their goals.

It’s absolutely nuts!

And that’s why most new businesses crumble without ever having a chance of becoming profitable.

Because starting a business is much like building a house.

Think about it:

Every house successfully standing today was built using a blueprint.

And let’s face it…

There’s no contractor on earth who randomly builds homes without a blueprint. There’s just no way. You can’t build a house without having a blueprint.

And it’s the same with business.

But creating a “digital” business blueprint (for a business you can run from anywhere in the world) is much different than writing a traditional business plan for brick-and-mortar stores.

It’s totally different.

And that’s why you need a blueprint “tailor-made” for a digital business.

The insights from the challenge were eye opening

Arahman Ishak

My biggest takeaway was getting clear on my products.


My ‘aha’ moment was when I started believing I could do it thanks to your challenge.

Ahmad Wani

The Digital Business Blueprint Challenge helped me find my niche market.

Lim Char Ann

Now I know so much more about digital business than anyone ever told me or I've read about.

Nico Chong Chin Mei

I feel like I found a treasure by attending this challenge

Catherine Anthony

What type of digital business do you want to start?

This challenge is NOT about learning something new and NEVER doing anything with it.

This is a step-by-step process for crafting your unique blueprint that you can immediately put into action.

And whether you already have an idea about what business you’d like to start… or… if you have absolutely no clue what business to start (but you’re 100% certain you don’t want to waste another day of your life slaving away at a job you hate), then BUCKLE-UP!

You’re in for a wild ride.

Because in just 2 short days…

You’ll discover what type of online business you should start that’s “right” for you (and best fits your situation, budget and time commitment)

You’ll discover the most profitable products to sell (plus… how to make your products stand head-and-shoulders above the competition so your prospects only see YOU in a sea of look-alikes)

You’ll discover the best markets to sell to (even during a recession these rabid buyers spend money like there’s no tomorrow and you can “cash-in” BIG on their irrational spending habit if you know THIS simple secret)

You’ll discover HOW to successfully sell any product (digital or physical) online (it’s quite easy and yet 99% of “newbie” entrepreneurs won’t find this out until it’s too late and their business is already bankrupt)

You’ll discover the REAL keys to scaling a digital business (this is all about setting-up your business to run on “auto-pilot” so you can enjoy passive income and more free time to do what you love) 

During the challenge you’ll be surprised and delighted by how much you can accomplish in just 2 short days.

And while the rest of the world is snoozing and complaining about how much they HATE their life… you’ll actually be doing something about it.

And let me tell you…

It’s going to feel damn good after completing this challenge.

You’re going to feel way more confident and more in control of your life than ever before.

You’ll finally feel like that faint, distant dream of becoming financially free is closer than you can imagine.

Here’s How It Works…

Step #1

Register For The Challenge Today

When you join, I’ll send you an email to fill you in on important details about the challenge.

Step #2

Join the Private Facebook Page

Step #3

Show Up To The Live Online Training Sessions

Step #4

Complete the “Micro” Assignments

Step #5

Use Your Blueprint To Launch An Online Business

You can launch your online business (using your new digital business blueprint) Immediately after the challenge

How much will it cost you to attend?

Last time I ran the Challenge, I had over 1000 new entrepreneurs attend and I expect that same attendance this round.

But I should warn you, this is the LAST TIME I will offer the Digital Business Blueprint Challenge for free. 


Two very important reasons:

First (and most importantly) I want to prove to you how easy it is to design your business during this challenge. 

Because so many new entrepreneurs get confused about the whole process. They don’t know where to start. And that’s why they fail miserably. 

So I’m here to show you how simple it really is. 

Which brings me to the second reason why this challenge is free. 

All I ask is this: When I deliver on my promise - by helping you design a digital business blueprint - please share your feedback and testimonial.

That's it. That's all.

This way, when I run the challenge in the future, you’ll help others see the value.

It’s a win-win. 

And it’s a pretty big deal too. 

Because the next time I run this challenge it will cost $97.

But you can join today absolutely FREE.

Reserve Your Spot

Here’s everything that’s included in the challenge:

Two Days of Live Training ($497)

Hands-on interactive training sessions led by expert digital business builder Derek Gehl. These private calls will be around 4-hours each. 

Access to Private Facebook Group ($197)

Join an elite group of ambitious entrepreneurs in an empowering “drama free” environment where you could find life-long friendships and interesting insights that help “shortcut” your business success

Group Q&A In Private Facebook ($197)

This is your chance to ask Derek and his team any question you want about your business. Simply tag them and “fire away” in the Private Facebook Group and they will give you their best advice based on over 35 years of online business success.

Total Real Value:


Your Investment:


Reserve Your Spot

Don't Miss The Registration DEADLINE


You missed out!

As the saying goes…

“If you snooze you lose.”

And the deadline for this challenge is almost here.

So don’t let this opportunity slip away.

Don’t waste another second of your life feeling confused about how to start an online business.

Get ALL your questions answered during the challenge.

Get the clarity you need to feel confident about your financial future.

Make the decision (that most people are too afraid to make) to believe in yourself.

I’ve been making money online for over 20 years.

I’ve trained thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world how to launch successful digital businesses.

And now it’s your turn.

But I can’t help you if you don’t join me.

And I can’t help you if you don’t join before the registration deadline.

The clock is ticking…

What will you do?

You’ll also receive over +$250 in bonus gifts simply for joining

Bonus Gift #1:

24-Hour recording access after the challenge ($197)

This will give you the chance to review the training at least one more time for a full 24-hours.

And if you happened to miss any of the live calls, you can catch what you missed on these private recordings.

Bonus Gift #2:

7-day VIP IdeaBot Pro membership ($97)

IdeaBot is a premium tool that I developed to help entrepreneurs find hundreds of profitable business ideas and product ideas at the push of a button.

When the challenge begins, I’ll give you a special username and password that will give you unlimited “play” on the IdeaBot platform. 

So just to recap, here is EVERYTHING you get for ZERO COST...

  • Two Days of Live Training ($497)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group ($197)
  • Q & A In Facebook Group ($197)
  • BONUS: 24-Hour access to recordings ($197)
  • BONUS: 7-day VIP IdeaBot membership ($97)

Total Value: $1,185

Reserve Your Spot

This challenge is not for everyone

Please… PLEASE do not join this challenge if you think you already “know everything”.


I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs for nearly two decades and I absolutely can’t stand it when I hear some wanna-be whine and complain about “never learning anything new” … when in reality they NEVER applied what they learned in the first place.

These procrastinators are too afraid of their own shadow to actually DO anything with what they know.

And you know what I say?

Screw em!

If they don’t take action now they’ll never “figure” it out. And as hard as it sounds, it’s really not my problem.

I’m on a mission to help REAL entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who have dreams bigger than themselves.

Entrepreneurs with hopes of one day running a wildly successful online business that provides abundantly for your family… while at the same time providing you with a level of freedom you never dreamed possible.

Which brings me to the next person who is NOT invited to the challenge…

And that is “wanna-be” entrepreneurs who are not willing to invest in themselves… because…

Real entrepreneurs are willing to invest in themselves…

Here’s a quote for ya:

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself”

Do you know who said that?

Yup, legendary investor and self-made BILLIONAIRE, Warren Buffet

So let me ask you… 

Do you believe your future is worth more than a dollar?

Because here’s the truth…

The amount you’re willing to invest in yourself ultimately reveals how much you truly believe in yourself.

I’ll let that sit with you for a moment.

And in the meantime…

Here's another “joker” who is NOT invited to the challenge:

Anyone who is unwilling to take action.

There’s really no reason to join this challenge if you don’t plan on showing up or following the simple steps.

And that’s why I want you to make these three commitments to yourself right now.

You Must Be Committed

There are only 3 commitments you must make for this challenge to work for you:

Commitment #1

Make a symbolic investment in yourself by joining the challenge for FREE

Commitment #2

Commit your time to “show up” and be 100% present for each 2 days

Commitment #3

Follow the simple steps during the challenge by completing each “micro” assignment (this is the key to walking away with a crystal clear digital business blueprint)

I made this challenge as simple as possible. 

You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in such a short time. 

The only way you can FAIL is if you’re not committed. 

And to be honest, if you’re not serious about starting an online business in 2022, this challenge isn’t for you. 

So please, if you are committed to launching your digital business in 2022, click the button below and fill out the form to reserve your spot...

Reserve Your Spot

This is your moment to decide...

So, what will you do?

You do realize what this means, don’t you?

This could be your one-way ticket to freedom, escaping the unforgiving constraints of the 9-to-5 rat race… and finally taking control of your life…

…instead of slaving your life away just to make your arrogant boss rich and happy!

Once you have your “tailor-made” blueprint, you’ll instantly see the world through a new set of “eyes”.

You’ll no longer feel trapped but feel empowered by the clarity you now have.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know your financial future is secure.

And joining the challenge now will get you one step closer. 

I’m so excited for you

I can’t wait to meet you and watch you kick-ass during the challenge.

I’m totally stoked for you.

This is going to be an event you will remember for the rest of your life.

Just make sure you register before the deadline.

See you soon! 


The Doors Slam Shut At

JUNE 11th 10:00 A.M AEST

Reserve Your Spot

Hear from some of Derek’s students…

“Within the first two weeks of making the site “live” I had made back the entire course fee and then some!

I spend less than an hour each month on the site now and the sales just keep rolling in!”

Albert Seah  //  Kuala Lumpur

“I was a totally a novice in the Internet marketing business. Now I can put up my own webpage, drive traffic, my own advertising and marketing and my sales have really skyrocket.

Derek’s course is nothing short of excellent and it has been a very fantastic journey.”

Taposie Chaudhury  //  Kuala Lumpur

“Since I bought your course I've been involved in many internet businesses.

One of them is making me about $60,000 a year that's almost as much as a full time job!”

Mohd Nor Jamil  //  Malaysia

“In the first few month of the program I doubled my income with a little more work over the last 12 months I now receive $123,000 from that website.

It’s just amazing how you can make money on the Internet. If you can follow step-by-step instructions you just can’t fail.”

David Smith  //  Melbourne

“When I first started I had my own website but I did not how to make it rank well in search engine. Now nearly half of the business for one division of my company through my website.

If someone asks me if I recommend Derek’s program, my answer is a definite YES!”

Kwan Ka Pang  //  Kuala Lumpur

“In my first six months I made over $100,000.00… in the second year I made $1,000,000.00... the year after that I made $3,000,000.00!

I’m now on track to make a whopping $6,000,000 this year alone!’

Tracey Beckler  //  Australia

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